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B i o g r a p h y

From the warm climate of Arizona, US, Coyote brings a fresh passion with heart-felt interpretations. He developed a technique built from a combination of various styles, generating a finesse needed for challenging repertoire.  On a certain day he heard his first 'classical guitar' piece performed live. This so happened to be one composed by Francisco Tarrega- a man needing no introduction in the guitar realm. A vast new world was about to unfold.

"I couldn't believe what I just heard. Where had this been hiding all this time??  Popular music completely overshadowed these composers, and I do enjoy it, but this was different... it spoke to me. This was only the beginning."

As he discovered more composers and arrangements, he undoubtedly found numerous masterpieces left behind by the masters of Flamenco guitar. This new found experience was to give way to how he would continue to express himself for years to come. Currently studying music with a focus on the Spanish guitar, Coyote J. de la Torre continues to captivate diverse audiences performing from concert halls to informal events by joining fantasy and time: the essence of music.

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